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Ana Beiba Lasso – Advocate for Abandoned Seniors


Ana Beiba Lasso is the heart and driving force behind the Foundation and Home for the Abandoned Elderly, a non-profit institution that has illuminated the lives of countless seniors in Cali for over 25 years.

Inspiration from a Divine Calling:

At a crucial moment in her life, facing significant emotional and economic challenges, Ana Beiba Lasso received a message that would change her life: “Daughter, take in the elderly.” With courage and compassion, she decided to embrace abandoned seniors, even when her own situation was difficult.

A Legacy of Care and Love:

Since that moment, Ana Beiba has dedicated over two decades to caring for and loving abandoned seniors in the Home and Foundation for the Abandoned Elderly. Despite adversities, she has maintained her commitment, providing not only basic needs such as bathing and feeding but also an environment filled with affection and dignity.

Persistence in the Face of Adversity:

The foundation has faced considerable financial challenges, accumulating debts exceeding 140 million. Despite these obstacles, Ana Beiba clings to the conviction that “God will provide.” Her dedication to the elderly and her unwavering faith are the driving force that keeps her tirelessly working for the well-being of those who need it most.

How to Contribute:

Those wishing to support Ana Beiba’s noble cause and the Foundation for the Abandoned Elderly can do so through donations on the official website or by contacting Ana Beiba Lasso directly at the mobile number 3164593051.

An Example of Humility and Compassion:

Ana Beiba Lasso’s story is an inspiring testament to humility, simplicity, and selfless love. Her tireless work highlights the importance of protecting, respecting, and loving the elderly who, in their time, gave everything for their families. Ana Beiba personifies the idea that a kind act can have a lasting impact, and her dedication to abandoned seniors is a beacon of hope in a society that sometimes forgets the importance of caring for its most vulnerable members.